Free Venik Platza Class

Thursday Dec 5th, 2019
Complimentary Venik Platza Class each first Thursday of the month @ 5:30 PM The Venik Platza is a unique form of heat therapy performed in a Russian sauna. Traditionally, wet birch and oak branches are used to push steam and heat onto the body. It has a multitude of health benefits and is fun for everyone! The class will include: 1.) Theory - Learn what constitutes good steam, proper body mechanics & techniques for giving a proper platza. 2.) Demonstration- Observe a proper platza. 3.) Practice - The fun part! Put what you learn into action in our parilkas. We recommend coming with a partner, however, we welcome single students as well. Email with any questions or to sign up for the class. Everyone is invited! The class is free with the purchase of a venik from our front desk.