A government issued picture I.D is required for entry. You must be 18 years of age to enter banya (except on family days ages 3-17 can enter). Patrons without proper identification will not be granted entry. Guests under 21 years old are not permitted in the bar area.

Spa and Banya treatment appointments are available daily. Walk-ins are welcomed but reservations are strongly encouraged. Call us at 415.206.9000 or you may book online at at any time.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy for Spa and Banya Services:
A 100% cancellation fee applies to reservations canceled with less than 24-hour notice. For Example: Appointment is 5/22/16 @ 1pm || client has to call by 5/21/16 @1pm to cancel the appointment to not be charged. A portion of this fee goes directly to the therapists who would have provided your reserved service. This policy helps retain great employees as they rely on us to provide them a full schedule. *See Below for additional policies regarding appointment cancellations.

*Client may call up to 24 hours prior to appointment time to reschedule appointment without incurring a fee. An appointment may only be rescheduled once without incurring a fee.

Spa & Banya Treatment Information:
All clients who are receiving massage, facial, body or banya treatment will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability as well as pay for entry to the facility in the form of a Basic Banya Pass, Prepaid Banya Pass, etc..

Please arrive 60 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, or earlier, to enjoy the communal amenities prior to your treatment.

Hot baths, saunas and steam are not recommended for pregnant women or for persons with high blood pressure or a heart condition.

Robes and Clothing Required Areas:
Robes are absolutely necessary while moving around the building. The restaurant and bar, t.v lounge, lower level deck, and stairwell all require a robe.

Happy Hour Pass:
Mondays through Fridays (excluding Tuesday) from 12 pm to 4 pm we offer a $35 Happy Hour Banya Pass. This discounted pass rate is not available for all official holidays. For example Labor Day, Mother's Day, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and Thanksgiving. If you are not sure which days fall into this category, please call our front desk for assistance at 415-206-9000.

At banya we expect our guests to conduct themselves in ways that are respectable to the banya staff and other patrons. Any guests who violates this policy will be asked to leave and we reserve the right to ban said guest for as long as we see fit.

Parking and Valuables:
Archimedes Banya is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables in your vehicle and on premise. If your vehicle has been burglarized, Archimedes Banya is not responsible for repairs to your car. Be smart and do not leave any valuables inside of your car. A car with no bags or clutter present is a lot less likely to be broken into.

Lost Items:
Archimedes Banya is not responsible for lost items at the banya. It is recommended that you not leave any valuables in your robe pockets, as robes can often be confused or taken to be laundered. If you lose valuables and we find them, you have 7 days to claim them. It is incredibly difficult to keep track of so many items that are left behind. We do our best to recover as much as possible and often things are found and returned.

Closing Time:
We now close the banya floor at 11:45 pm allowing the guests plenty of time to vacate the banya by our closing hour of midnight. We reserve the right to charge guests for an extra hour extension if guests leave late.

Late Arrival Guests:
Last check-in time for entry to banya is 10:30 pm.

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