Basic Banya Pass


A Basic Banya pass allows 3 hours of access to the following:

  • State-of-the-art bath amenities (clothed and clothing-optional) such as Russian “light steam” banya, Finnish dry sauna, Turkish “heavy steam” room (Hammam), pool, Jacuzzi, cold plunge, heated benches, and showers. Towels, self locking locker, robes, sandals and toiletries (shampoo, body wash, conditioner) provided.
  • Outdoor decks (clothed and clothing-optional) with chaises, fitness amenities and stunning views of San Francisco Bay
  • Television Lounge (clothed) for socializing and relaxation
  • Access to Zteamer’s – our tea, beer bar and lounge, featuring delicious food choices
  • Access to the Spa – our full-service spa features massages, body scrubs, facials and hydrotherapy treatments (additional charge for spa treatments)
  • Access to premium banya services such as venik platza and Hammam body wash treatments (additional charge) 
  • Access to private VIP lounges (additional charge)

Add $10 for an extra hour

We offer a package of 10 Basic Banya Passes for $400.00 (good for groups and repeat customers) and Full day pass for $70.00

Venik Platza and Banya Services