At Archimedes Banya, your total relaxation experience extends beyond our exceptional steam rooms and deluxe services into Zteamers Lounge: our bar and dining areas. In keeping with traditional Banya culture, Zteamers’ menu is designed to not only satisfy the palate, but also to nourish the body and replenish the soul. While comfort and respite are integral components of Banya, health and rejuvenation are tantamount within the philosophies of traditional bathing cultures. We believe these ideas are evident in our selection of foods and drinks and their preparation methods.

In our attempt to celebrate authentic and international cuisines, we have established a commitment to providing local and organic products and produce whenever possible. It is in keeping with our philosophy that as fresh and new as you feel after engaging in our many therapeutic services at Archimedes Banya, so should the food that you receive be as fresh and new as possible. Naturally, as the seasons change and bring us new fare, so will our menu change to reflect the Earth’s cycles. It is equally important not to enter Banya on a full stomach, and also to revitalize the body during and after the enlivening process of Russian bathing. With this in mind, Zteamers is proud to offer healthful elixirs of high quality tea, fresh juices, and refreshing fermented probiotics beverages: Kvas and Kombucha, different beers and wines as well as complimentary infused waters to be enjoyed during your bathing processes.

While traditional and authentic food is our aim, our final goal is to provide an integrative, healthful dining experience. We will offer equally delicious baked alternatives to fried foods when possible to compliment and satisfy the natural appetite that has been awakened through this restorative experience. At Zteamers, we recognize the traditional tendencies toward meat oriented dishes and wish to preserve the health aspects of this diet by featuring leaner cuts. We also are pleased to offer fish and vegetarian options in many categories of our menu for our diners with dietary concerns or restrictions. We are proud to offer variety of great soups which are especially good after heavy bathing and sweating.

Due to our service of beer and wine, the minimum age of our guests is 21.

*A 18% service charge is added to all food & beverage orders.

Food & Beverages