Hammam Body Wash and Scrub

Archimedes Banya is the only place in the Bay Area where you can try Hammam skin exfoliation body wash: a post sauna treatment performed with nutrient rich soaps, minerals, foam, oils, and coarse spa gloves. We're pleased to offer four different Hammams, each featuring unique qualities to relax you while pampering your skin and leaving it silky soft for days after the visit. During each service warm water is poured creating feelings of deep euphoria and a cleansing energy throughout the body.

Archimedes Hammam $48 for 30 minutes

Our own signature basic treatment performed with exfoliating spa gloves and European olive oil based soap. A therapist lathers your body with the olive oil soap while exfoliating your skin and pouring warm water over your entire body.

Mustard and Beer Hammam $55 for 30 minutes

An absolutely unique service including white mustard and beer emulsion full body mask for 3 – 5 minutes following the basic Archimedes Hammam. The therapist then uses a soft sponge to cleanse the skin.

Turkish Hammam $70 for 40 minutes

Performed using an organic cotton bag and nourishing soap to create endless amounts of skin softening foam. After lathering you with the foam your therapist exfoliates old skin with goat hair gloves. The hammam ends by a light massage with Citrus essential oil and gives you complete Istanbul experience and great feeling.

Moroccan Hammam $92 for 60 minutes

Our top skin healing therapy starts with a wash using Moroccan made Black Beldi soap and the spa gloves. Then a Rhassoul clay mask is applied to your body for detoxification, toning, and rejuvenation. While the mask is setting, your therapist uses an organic shampoo to gently rinse your hair. When the skin and hair are cleansed Argan oil rich in antioxidants is applied to the body to help it maintaining a youthful, glowing appearance. It is ideal for healing blemishes caused by acne.

Royal Hammam $120 for 75 minutes

The Royal Hammam begins with a Swedish massage in one of our heated wet rooms. Your therapist will use warm oil and long, flowing strokes to stretch your limbs and knead your body. After your muscles are relaxed your therapist uses a coarse mitt to deeply cleanse your skin. After the initial exfoliation, your therapist will use Moroccan olive oil soap and exfoliating spa gloves to massage and scrub away a layer of dead skin. Warm water is poured over your body, soothing your mind while washing away foam and debris. After completing a massage and scrub to both sides of the body, an invigorating scalp massage using essential oils is administered to punctuate this luxurious treatment. After 75 minutes of blissful pleasure you will leave with soft and smooth skin.

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