jimjilbangs are large, public bathhouses in Korea, furnished with hot tubs, showers, saunas and massage tables. Jjimjil is derived from the words meaning heated bath, and bang meaning room. In other areas there are usually rooms with heated floors for lounging and sleeping, a snack bar, TVs, exercise rooms, ice rooms, heated salt rooms, and sleeping quarters with either bunk beds or sleeping mats.

Korean body scrub masters are world famous for their exfoliating skills.

It is common for Jjimjilbangs to have various rooms with different temperatures to suit your preferred sleeping habits. They inlay the walls with different woods to make the ambient mood and smell more natural.

Most jjimjilbangs are open 24 hours and are a popular weekend getaway for Korean families. Jjimjilbangs are also popular with Korean women, and traditionally, pregnant Korean women used rooms made of red clay for their special properties.

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