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Oak Venik $18.00
Platza (Russian steam therapy using a venik)
(Done with our venik, or purchase your own for an extra $18.00 each)
Archimedes Hammam Body Wash and Scrub       $48.00
Mustard And Beer Hammam Body Wash and Scrub       $65.00
Turkish Hammam Body Wash and Scrub       $70.00
Moroccan Hammam Body Wash and Scrub       $92.00
Banya Hat    $18.00

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Venik Platza (a Russian steam therapy using a tree leaf venik)

Venik Platza is a unique technique that combines the natural healing power of tree leaves with the revitalizing heat of a Russian steam room. Our experienced platza practitioner will use veniks to massage you, bringing countless benefits to your body and mind.

Platza is a type of steam therapy that allows one to quickly heat up and improve circulation both overall and in  the specific areas of application. Fresh birch or oak tree veniks can be used right after they are soaked in warm water for 10-25 minutes and are heated up for 2-3 more minutes in the sauna itself. Usually the platza starts with a practitioner gently patting a person lying on a bench in the Russian sauna with a venik, starting from feet and going up to the neck. The reverse movement should also cover arms. There should be about four repetitions of this movement, each taking approximately a minute. The next stage of the venik platza involves a careful lashing of the back, loin, thighs, calves and feet. As a rule, this procedure last for only about a minute and is often followed by a quicker phase of patting. At this point one can make use of another important technique - venik compression. The practitioner directs a couple of gentle lashes at a part of the body (usually starting with a back) then pulls the venik in the air, turns it upside down, and lays it down on the body and presses it with a hand for several seconds. The hot part of the venik is now compressed to the body, which makes it possible to provide an intensive and localized heat therapy. Venik compressions are extremely useful during recovery from physical stress. The above techniques of the platza can also be used when a person is lying on the back. Venik platza can be repeated in several sauna sessions. The last one sometimes includes rubbing the venik on the whole body: the leaves are slightly pressed to the skin with a hand of a practitioner. This helps the skin to receive that final portion of vitamins and essential oils contained in the leaves of a venik. If you decide to try a venik platza on your own, it is recommended that you follow the above explained procedures to achieve the best result.

Hammam Body Wash and Scrub
An old-world tradition is the Turkish body wash and scrub. After working up a good sweat in the sauna or steam room of your choice, your pores will be open and ready for a full body exfoliation. Armed with a coarse mitt and imported Moroccan olive oil soap, your therapist will then pummel and slough your skin, helping you shed a layer of dirt and debris. A douse of warm water will follow to rinse off any grime. Your therapist will help wipe away your dead skin cells from head to toe while incorporating hot water and a generous serving of soap suds.

Royal Hammam
The Royal Hammam begins with a Swedish massage in one of our heated wet rooms. Your therapist will use warm oil and long, flowing strokes to stretch your limbs and knead your body. After your muscles are relaxed your therapist uses a coarse mitt to deeply cleanse your skin. After the initial exfoliation, your therapist will use Moroccan olive oil soap and exfoliating spa gloves to massage and scrub away a layer of dead skin. Warm water is poured over your body, soothing your mind while washing away foam and debris. After completing a massage and scrub to both sides of the body, an invigorating neck and head massage using essential oils is administered to punctuate this luxurious treatment. After 75 minutes of blissful pleasure you will leave with soft and smooth skin.

Venik Platza and Banya Services