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Venik Platza

Venik Platza is a Russian hot massage using a venik, performed in the Russian steam banya. Our signature service combines the natural healing power of tree leaves with the revitalizing heat of the banya. We use fresh birch or oak tree veniks that have been soaking in hot water to help bring out the oils and aromas. 

To learn more about this signature service, click here.

Hammam body wash and scrub

An old-world tradition is the Turkish body wash and scrub. After working up a good sweat in the sauna or steam room of your choice, your pores will be open and ready for a full body exfoliation. Armed with a coarse mitt and imported Moroccan olive oil soap, your therapist will then pummel and slough your skin, helping you shed a layer of dirt and debris. A douse of warm water will follow to rinse off any grime. Your therapist will help wipe away your dead skin cells from head to toe while incorporating hot water and a generous serving of soap suds.


Archimedes Banya is the cathedral of steam and heat, and Dream Steam Aromatherapy is one of our most sophisticated techniques to stimulate the soul. During these daily rituals, we invite everyone into the Russian Sauna to collectively explore the depths and richness of our senses to the delight and surprise of guests and employees alike. The extreme temperature and humidity percolates the mind, opens your pores, and enhances the beneficial properties of essential oils and herbs, which can quickly and fully permeate the body. The aromatic symphony conducted by our Platza Masters induces positive effects to the heart and lungs and cleanses the body of harmful toxins. It is an experience you will not find anywhere else that improves your health, your mood, and rejuvenates the body.

Rooftop yoga

Energize your body through moving meditation on our rooftop with bayside views of San Francisco, Oakland, and the Bay Bridge. Rooftop Yoga is free with your banya pass and is the perfect way to compliment your day of relaxation and restoration at Archimedes. We offer a variety of yoga and meditation practices including vinyasa, kundalini, and sound healing. Classes are held daily and are clothing optional. 

Platza Services

  • Venik Platza
  • Birch Venik
  • Oak Venik

Body Washes and Scrubs

  • Archimedes Hammam
  • Turkish Hammam
  • Moroccan Hammam

Advanced reservation required

Banya Pass must be purchased for Banya or Spa Services

One additional hour will be added to each Banya Pass for each service

24 Hour Cancellation Policy