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Spa Services

What differentiates Archimedes Banya from other spas and bodywork establishments is that after your visit the Banya, your body and mind are relaxed, your pores have opened, toxins have been released, and your skin and muscles are at the optimal state to be nourished.

Your journey begins in the Banya – a communal place where you bathe, steam and sweat. Your body will experience the beneficial and therapeutic effects of water and heat as it starts to cleanse itself from the inside out through the skin, your largest organ. You may wander between the pools, cold plunge, and saunas, back and forth, steaming and sweating, indulging in Russian platza massage and Hammam body wash and scrub, or enjoy the private soaking tubs.

Continue revitalizing in Archimedes’ full-service spa with conditioning massages, scrubs, wraps, facials, and herbal and mineral baths. Only 100% natural earth, plant and food-based products are used in our treatments. Please book online 24 hours ahead of service.


  • Swedish - 30 min
  • Swedish - 60 min
  • Swedish - 90 min
  • Deep Tissue - 30 min
  • Deep Tissue - 60 min
  • Deep Tissue - 90 min
  • Thai Massage - 30 min
  • Thai Massage -60 min
  • Thai Massage - 90 min

Body Polish

  • Organic Raw Sugar and Honey Scrub - 30mins
  • Organic Raw Sugar and Honey Scrub - 60mins
  • Organic Raw Sugar and Honey Scrub - 90mins
  • Purifying Sea Salt Scrub - 30 min
  • Purifying Sea Salt Scrub - 60 min
  • Purifying Sea Salt Scrub - 90 min
  • Royal Hammam - 60 min


Advanced reservation required

Banya Pass must be purchased for Banya or Spa Services

Must arrive 30 mins before service starts

One additional hour will be added to each Banya Pass for each service

24 Hour Cancellation Policy