About Archimedes Banya

Archimedes Banya is a remarkable blend of ‘past and present’, where ancient traditions of Greek laconica, Turkish hammam, German thermen, Russian banya combine with science and technology to create an experience like no other. Detoxing in perfectly heated rooms, plunging into an ice-cold pool, enjoying a breathtaking view on a sun-lit deck, conversing over a delicious meal – you can have it all in a quintessentially San Francisco style.


Our mission is to bring the ancient culture and the health benefits of community bathing activities to the level of Hi-Tech era, as a single alternative to working out in gyms and socializing in bars. We wish for every American city (LA, NY, DC, etc) to have a banya, to revitalize the body, relax the mind, meet old friends and make new ones.


A business, as much as an individual, demonstrates a certain perspective and a philosophy. It can aspire to the general good of the local community using knowledge from international sources. Its success can be measured in part by the contributions to the individual lives it has helped. ARCHIMEDES BANYA’s philosophy combines a constantly evolving up-to-date facility development with implementation of new cultural ideas. The BANYA meets the needs of our visitors, by providing a great steam, massage, food, and relaxation facility. ARCHIMEDES BANYA plays a vital role for our community by providing a setting where people are able to meet and enjoy becoming healthier and feeling better. We believe that the diversity of cultures involved in our facility enhances the social aspect and enriches entertainment life of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Archimedes’ Unknown Discovery

Archimedes of Syracuse (287 BCE – 211 BCE) is generally regarded as one of the greatest mathematicians and scientists of all times. He has many results to his credit, including ones in philosophy, mathematics and physics, astronomy and engineering. Among his inventions are “Archimedes claw”, “Death ray” weapons, principle of levers, buoyancy and hydrostatics laws, calculus, etc., and he is known as the “father of mathematical physics.” We, at Archimedes Banya, are proud to bring attention to one of the discoveries that has been unfairly forgotten in the list of his credits. We assert the following:

The best ideas arise when you are relaxed in a hot bath.

Here is the story: Hiero, a king of Syracuse at that time, had ordered a gold crown. He suspected that the crown was not made of pure gold but also silver; however, he could not prove this. He told Archimedes of his suspicion. One day Archimedes was taking a hot bath. He realized that the amount of water that overflowed the tub was equal to the volume of his body. At the realization, he jumped out of the bathtub and ran out on to the streets of Syracuse completely naked shouting Eureka, Eureka (Greek for “I have found it!”). This idea allowed him to determine the density of the crown in his famous work “The Floating Bodies” and to prove that the goldsmith was not honest.

We are confident that the great discovery of that day was the influence of hot bathing on Archimedes’ thinking. We are expanding his observation and willing to demonstrate that steam bathing is an even more efficient way to lead to discoveries.

Founder's Speech
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