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Everything You Need to Know

  1. The experience of banya is very intuitive – the smartest suggestion would be to do what feels good.
  2. Do not go in the banya hungry, or with a full stomach. A good meal after banya feels much better and helps you restore the energy.
  3. Take a quick shower before going to the steam room. It will rinse off the worries of the day, prepare your skin for the experience and set you in a right bathing mood. To help regulate body temperature during banya, it is best not to wet your hair.
  4. Dry off well, dry skin sweats faster. We also recommend wearing a special banya hat in order to make it easier to adjust to high temperature and protect your head from being overheated.
  5. Your first stay in the steam room should be brief on the middle or upper bench. The more experienced you are and the more comfortable you feel the higher bench you may take. For the first time, do not stay longer than 10 minutes.
  6. In the steam room you will feel the pleasant waves of hot air. In case you choose to lie down to enjoy it, keep in mind that for the last 2 minutes you should sit to equalize your circulation. That way you don’t feel lightheaded when you stand.
  7. Showers, the cold plunge or the pool, will make you feel refreshed between sessions. Remember, cold plunge pool is a stress for your body, which means you should avoid it if you have high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular conditions.
  8. The extreme temperature contrasts strengthen your blood vessels and improve your immunesystem.
  9. After the steam and cold plunge, your body needs oxygen – it is important to take deep breaths as you relax outside with the fresh air.
  10. A period of rest is an integral part of banya experience. There is no rush to get back to the steam room. It is also recommended to drink tea, water or juice in order to restore the body’s reserves of water and minerals.
  11. Repeat the steam room session if you feel like it. Usually 2-3 Russian sauna sessions are enough. The first session is needed for a thorough warm up, while the second or third visits to the steam are often dedicated to the venik platza treatment.
  12. For a complete banya experience, we encourage you to try the venik platza. This traditional Russian rejuvenating massage removes dry skin and increases blood circulation.

Banya offers both clothed and clothing-optional services to our guests and members so they may enjoy their experience within their comfort level.  We actually promote clothing-optional services as we believe it enhances health and wellness.  In order to maximize the experience for all our guests, regardless of their choice to be clothed or not, we have established the following guidelines:

  • All guests and members must be a minimum of 18 years of age (except Family Day). 
  • No street clothes are allowed in the facility other than guests and members registering for services or preparing to exit the facility. 
  • Clothing-optional services are confined to the designated portion of the bathing area on the ground floor and the upper-level outside desk. The entire Banya Floor is clothing optional after 6 PM every day and all day on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Patrons in any other areas of the complex, including elevators and stairwells, reception area, mezzanine level, relaxation lounge, and lower-level outside deck, must be appropriately attired in swim suit and robe.
  • Guests and members may partake of either or both clothed or clothing-optional services, but must adhere to the clothing guidelines at all times.
  • Clothing-optional is not a pretext for either covert or overt sexual activity.  Nude is not lewd, but combined with sex it undermines our family-oriented image and may result in the loss of our business license.  In accordance, any patrons displaying lewd and suggestive behavior, including but not limited to inappropriate language, gestures or contact, will be asked to leave and banned from future visits.