Must be 18+ years with valid govt ID, One of the Banya passes below is required for entry Reservation required for packages and services: 24 hour cancellation policy for packages and services

*Banya VIP:

Unlimited Hours, Private dedicated VIP locker, 2 free Guests/month, $10 off for friends coming together and 10% off all services and merchandise. 6 months commitment required.


**Banya Patron:

Unlimited Hours, 1 free guest/month, 10% off all banya events, veniks and hats. 6 months Commitment required.


***Banya VIP Personal Tour:

Provided by a personal guide, demonstrating and explaining banya features, designing and arranging proper sequence of treatment and services. The tour includes all day pass, platza, Hammam, banya hat, 1hour massage, private changing & relaxing room(depending upon availability) and unlimited food and drinks from our Bar and Cafe.