Banya Process

Step 1: Check-In

Upon arrival, all guests must check in at the front desk. If you haven’t already done so, you must purchase a Banya pass. This pass is mandatory, regardless of whether or not you have booked any other services. We offer a variety of passes at different prices, depending on the day and time of your check-in. To see the pricing options in more detail, please click here

  • Upon check-in, guests must sign a waiver and present a valid form of identification.
  • In exchange, guests will be provided with a robe and wristband. The wristband serves as the key to your locker and also acts as a payment method for all services and bar items.
  • All charges will be added to your wristband throughout your stay.
  • Guests will settle the charges upon check-out, at this time the identification will be returned.

Step 2: Proceed to Locker Room

When you arrive at the Locker Room, please locate your assigned locker by matching the number on your wristband. Simply place your wristband next to the lock and it should open. Inside, you will find two towels and a pair of flip flops, provided for your use during your visit. For hygiene reasons, we ask that you wear the flip flops provided by Archimedes Banya at all times.



Upon completing Step 2, you may now proceed to either the Bathing Area or Cafe.

Bathing Area

There are two entrances to the bathing area, one of which is located behind the locker room and grants access to the clothing-optional area. The other entrance is located just outside the locker room and leads to the clothing-required area.


Read more about Zteamer’s Cafe.

View the internal map of the Banya facility.